Working With Quicken®

We currently support the following versions of Quicken:

  • PC: 2004–2014
  • Mac: 2006–2014

To download information about your funds, please establish a login ID and password in Online Account Access (OAA) and use these as your login credentials to access your Wells Fargo Advantage Funds accounts on Quicken.

To access your accounts in Quicken:

  • In the SSN field: Enter your OAA login ID
  • In the PIN field: Enter your OAA password

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why doesn't the transaction information on my statement match the data downloaded into Quicken?
    Quicken information is provided by a third party, therefore we do not have control of how data is displayed. If there are discrepancies between your statements and the data in Quicken, you can manually correct it. If you need to access your statements, please log in to OAA.
  • What if I have forgotten my OAA login credentials?
    If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it here. If you have forgotten your login ID, please call us to reset it.

If you need further assistance, visit the Quicken Support web page or call us if you have questions about your accounts.

  • Not FDIC Insured
  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value

Wells Fargo Advantage Funds

  • Individual Investors · 1-800-359-3379
  • Investment Professionals · 1-888-877-9275
  • Institutional Sales Professionals · 1-866-765-0778