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Resume my partially completed application help
If you started to complete an application within the last 45 days, you have the option of resuming your saved application or creating a new application.

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Regular account help
A regular account is taxable account owned by one or more individuals. Accounts opened online are limited to two owners.

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IRA account help
A traditional IRA is a retirement account that offers tax-deferred growth with potentially tax-deductible contributions. A Roth IRA provides tax-deferred growth and tax-free qualified distributions. Select this option if you are contributing new money to a traditional or Roth IRA.

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Rollover account help
A Rollover IRA is used by individuals changing jobs or retiring. Select this option if you are moving a retirement account from a former employer.

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IRA Transfer help
Select this option if you are transferring money from an existing traditional or Roth IRA at another institution, or rolling over assets taken from another traditional or Roth IRA within the last 60 days.

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Custodial account help
Custodial accounts may offer certain tax benefits for gifts to minors. Once money has been invested into a custodial account, the money becomes the irrevocable property of the minor. However, the custodian (an adult named in the application) maintains control of the account until the minor reaches the age at which custodianship ends for the state in which it was established.

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Education savings account help
An Education Savings Account offers certain tax benefits to individuals investing money for their child\'\s education. A child under age 18 is named as the beneficiary on the account, with a parent or legal guardian named as the responsible individual. Penalties may apply if proceeds are used for purposes other than education.

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Personal trust account help
You must have a pre-existing trust to establish this type of account, and the account can only be funded by check. Only the trustee of a personal trust (under a Social Security number) can complete this online application and fund the account. All other trust accounts must be opened with a paper application.

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