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Wells Fargo Advantage WealthBuilder Moderate Balanced PortfolioSM

Holdings as of 9/30/2015
Portfolio holdings are subject to change and may have changed since the date specified.

This information should not be construed as a recommendation, offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or financial instrument. Securities lending collateral positions are not included.

Consult a fund's Annual or Semi-Annual Reports for complete information on derivative transactions and holdings.

Wells Fargo Advantage Core Bond PortfolioWBG3N/A$150,623,076.50
Wells Fargo Advantage Government Securities Fund949917579SGVIX$99,742,295.07
Wells Fargo Advantage Short Du WFA Short Duration Govt R694987W778MSDRX$92,095,796.07
Pimco High Yield Fund693390841PHIYX$70,733,065.91
MFS Value Fund552983694MEIIX$49,464,203.81
Oppenheimer International Bond Fund68380T509OIBYX$38,138,887.50
Thornburg International Value Fund885215566TGVIX$29,304,754.72
T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund77954Q106TRBCX$28,813,492.30
Oakmark Fund Oakmark Fund I413838103OAKMX$24,592,183.84
Invesco Growth And Income Fund Invesco Growth And Income R600142J115GIFFX$24,505,318.62
Pimco Commodity Real Return Strategy Fund722005667PCRIX$22,605,360.10
American Century Growth Fund Instl025083205TWGIX$20,551,297.62
Wells Fargo Advantage International Growth PortfolioWBGQN/A$19,435,357.14
Wells Fargo Advantage Large Ca WFA Large Cap Growth R694987W828STFFX$16,505,834.14
Wells Fargo Advantage Endeavor Select Fund949915565WFCIX$16,366,687.32
Voya Global Real Estate Fund Voya Global Real Estate I92914A885IGLIX$15,369,157.72
Wells Fargo Advantage Small Company Value PortfolioWBGYN/A$12,213,144.36
Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fd Invt Cl780905840PENNX$12,183,094.66
Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap WFA Small Cap Value Fund R694987W521SMVRX$12,134,747.63
WFM Emerging Growth PortfolioWBGJN/A$11,678,481.62
Templeton Institutional Funds Templeton Inst Foreign Eqt P880210505TFEQX$9,750,305.32
Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund256206103DODFX$9,680,184.44
AQR Managed Futures Strategy Fund Class I00203H859AQMIX$9,459,845.06
Ishares S+p National Municipal Ishares Nat Muni Bond Etf464288414MUB$9,289,182.70
Arbitrage Fund/the The Arbitrage Fund I03875R205ARBNX$8,790,960.77
Wells Fargo Advantage Emerging WFA Emerging Markets Eq R694987W539EMGDX$8,230,140.34
T. Rowe Price International Discovery Fund77956H302PRIDX$6,648,405.57
Dfa International Small Cap Value Portfolio233203736DISVX$6,540,344.82
Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund683974505ODVYX$4,924,763.59
iShares MSCI Japan Index Fund464286848EWJ$1,630,992.42
Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Equity97717W851DXJ$1,603,638.96
Derivatives Holdings (Futures)
Expiration DateContractsTypeUnrealized Gains (Losses)
12-21-2015164.00Short US 10YR Note (cbt)(46,771.41)
12-14-2015141.00Short Euro Fx Curr Fut41,595.00
12-17-201543.00Long S+P 500 Future216,509.21
12-14-2015177.00Short Jpn Yen Curr Fut10,177.50